Windows 11 version 23H2

The Windows 11 September 2023 update (also known as Windows 11 version 23H2) is expected to roll out in the next few weeks
Windows 11 version 23H2

Here are some of the new features and upgrades that will be included in this update:

Windows AI Copilot: This is a new AI assistant that will replace Cortana. It will help users with complex queries, commands, and context-based tasks.

Redesigned File Explorer: The File Explorer has been modernized with a new look and feel.

Windows Backup: A new cloud backup and restore system has been added to Windows 11.

Taskbar ungrouping: Windows 11 now allows you to ungroup taskbar icons for a cleaner look.

New volume mixer: The volume mixer has been redesigned with a new interface.

7zip and RAR support: Windows 11 now supports 7zip and RAR file formats natively.

Improved Paint app: The Paint app has been improved with new features and capabilities.

Ink Anywhere feature: This feature allows pen users to write anywhere on the screen, even in unsupported apps.

New natural voices in Narrator: Windows 11 now includes new natural voices in Narrator for better accessibility.

Widgets: Widgets make a comeback in Windows 11, offering a personalized feed of news, weather, traffic, sports, and stock market data².

These are just some of the new features that will be included in the Windows 11 September 2023 update.

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