Strong password generator

A free strong password generator. Simply tell us how many passwords you want and the length of the password. Additionally, you can specify to: omit characters that can be confused such as zero and O, include extended characters such as # or ~ and have a hexadecimal password.

A Strong Password should:
  • Be at least 8 characters in length
  • Contain both upper and lowercase alphabetic characters (e.g. A‑Z, a‑z)
  • Have at least one numerical character (e.g. 0‑9)
  • Have at least one special character (e.g. ~!@#$%^&*()_-+=)
A Strong Password should not:
  • Spell a word or series of words that can be found in a standard dictionary
  • Spell a word with a number added to the beginning and the end
  • Be based on any personal information such as user id, family name, pet, birthday, etc