Remote office and homeworkers

ez-pc install and configure a range of VPN solutions and can provide a solution that fits your requirements and your budget.

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allow businesses to securely extend their local area networks (LANs) over the internet so that employees can work from home.

The VPN authenticates the tunnel endpoints before it establishes the secure tunnel and encryption is used to keep data traffic private from unauthorised users as it passes through the internet.

User-created remote-access VPNs generally implement user names and passwords.

A network administrator configures network‑to‑network tunnels on the routers at each end. The routers store pre‑shared keys or digital certificates for authentication and encryption. This allows the tunnel to establish automatically and needs no intervention from the user.

VPNs create the ideal network infrastructure for exchanging data and using network resources with employees, partners, suppliers, and customers alike.

Costs are comparatively low compared to a private point‑to‑point leased line because the vpn tunnel uses the internet. This allows more and more businesses to utilise this type of connection.

Work from home with user‑created vpn connections

You use these when you or your employees are in remote locations and need to connect to the business’s private network or they need to work from home.

This type of access is useful for workers working at home or at other locations such as a customer’s place of business and any other location with internet access. The users that will access the network remotely usually need specific software and relevant access information.

The user makes the connection on demand.

The connection breaks by:

  • Closing the connection.
  • Logging off the PC.
  • Shutting the PC down.
  • After a preconfigured period of time.

Once the user connects, he or she can work from the remote location. He or she can access resources from the office as if the computer has a direct connection to the office network.

Permanent office to office vpn connections

You can use this type of network link when there are two or more locations and there are resources or data that need to be available at all locations.

A network administrator configures the connections on network routers at each location and no user actions are necessary.

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