No repair, no fee

What does this mean?

Quite simply it means if we are not able to offer a repair to your PC, we will make no charge for the service – no repair, no fee. We will first attempt to discover what problems you are experiencing then offer an estimate for the repair.

What does it not mean?

If we are able to offer a repair but you do not accept the offer, then we may make a charge for the service. In the case of remote assistance, we may still make no charge. In the case of on-site visits, we may make a charge for travelling. In both cases however, we reserve the right to charge our normal hourly rate.

Impossible repairs

Obviously, there may be cases where a repair cannot possibly be made, for example; a hard drive failure where you have made no backups. In cases such as this we will make our best efforts to ensure you are informed beforehand.

What we need

If we make an on-site visit, it may be necessary to take your computer away to be repaired and if this is the case we will not require the screen; mouse; keyboard; cables or any peripheral components (except laptop power supply).

Our repairs

We try our absolute best for all our clients to effect timely, cost-effective repairs. Our technicians are Microsoft certified and all our work is guaranteed. Contact us if you have a computer that needs a repair.