IT management

All IT environments that work efficiently are managed to some degree

Arranging professional management for your network will enable it to continue to function at its optimum. Contact us for details of our management services.

Office and home networks

If you are setting up or expanding an office or home network then we have the solution for you. We offer tailored complete managed solutions. We can manage:

  • Server and workstation health and operating system patches
  • Security such as firewalls, web and mail security
  • Antivirus and anti-malware solution
  • Backups and disaster recovery including checking the integrity of backups
  • Storage
  • User accounts and user access control
  • Remote access

If you already have a network and would like advice on efficiency or how to cut your costs, contact us for details. We can configure backup and recovery services for both home and office networks.

Disaster recovery

We all hope for the best that a disaster will not strike, but what if it does? Disaster recovery is about imagining the worst thing that can happen and planning for it. For example, have you planned how you will manage your systems and data if your building were destroyed by fire? Formulating, implementing, monitoring and testing disaster recovery plans are often looked upon as a time consuming, tedious task with little or no return but what would be the cost to you in lost business or just plain disruption if the worst should happen?

We will be more than happy to advise you and set in place required systems and procedures which would enable you to return to full capacity with minimal downtime.

Clearly you want to continue operating your business normally if your IT systems suffer a major outage. We are able to provide bespoke fault tolerant solutions to small and medium sized businesses to ensure business continuity if and when disaster strikes.

Managed servers

ez-pc can provide a range of managed servers to meet your requirements. A managed server is monitored for health, processor, memory and disk usage, and efficiency to ensure it remains within its operating and design parameters. Operating system and software patches are checked in a sandboxed environment before being applied in out of business hours.

We can supply, monitor and maintain domain servers, file and storage servers, web, mail and application servers and many more solutions to suit your needs.