Custom builds and upgrades

We can custom build a brand new PC to meet your precise requirements. Or we can speed up your existing PC. ez-pc offer custom builds and upgrades to suit your needs and your budget.

Ryzen 5 5600G PC
Ryzen 5 5600G PC and MSI curved monitor


At ez-pc, we can create custom built PC for you. We realise that everyone is an individual. That is why we offer our expert advice. This will assist you to choose the right parts to customise the PC we build to meet your needs.

Be it a powerful desktop PC; a general-purpose office computer; a killer gaming machine etc. Whatever type of computer you require, we offer a high build quality, excellent service and value for money that’s second to none.

Following our advice, first you choose the components. Then we build, test, deliver and get the machine up and running for you. We will also give you advice on caring for your new computer.

All of your data and programs can be transferred over to the new computer.


Maybe you don’t want to buy a new PC but feel your current one is not performing as well as it used to or maybe as it could. ez‑pc offer a comprehensive upgrade service.

More memory can be added to your computer so that it doesn’t get bogged down when running multiple programs. Additional hard drives  can be added so you can have extra storage. Your existing hard drives can  be upgraded to faster ones. Did you know that a simple hard drive upgrade alone can allow your computer to run much faster and extend its life? We can add a graphics card or upgrade the existing one to give a better display when gaming or just in general use.

If your computer is running an old version of windows, it should be upgraded, we can upgrade your operating system to the latest version of Windows 10. We can do a complete clean install to make your computer fresh as the day it was built. Needless to say, we can do any combination of the above.

ez-pc can offer free advice on upgrading your computer.

Contact us for details of our builds and upgrades services.