Our Services

ez-pc can offer computer support tailored to suit your needs

ez-pc can provide

  • Contracted or one-off computer support
  • IT management
  • Staff training
  • Office IT infrastructure
  • CCTV solutions
  • Web design and hosting
  • Structured cabling
  • Cloud services
  • Telecommunications and email
  • Remote office or homeworker VPN

No matter how well planned and maintained an IT environment is, something will always go wrong, there will be something you need to add or change or you will need advice. You need to know that there is always someone there to assist you or your staff when there is an issue.

Computer Support

No environment can operate or even survive indefinitely without computer support. We are a phone call or mouse click away to provide all you need to keep your business running smoothly. Whether you want to outsource your entire IT support services to us, your in-house IT just needs a little help or you require ad-hoc support, we are happy to work with you to figure out the perfect solution for you.


All IT environments that work efficiently are managed to some degree. Management covers a wide range of functions but includes disaster recovery; backup and recovery; network and infrastructure monitoring; storage space and disk subsystem monitoring; documentation including change processes etc. A well-managed network should continue to run smoothly during all mission critical times without interruption.


Whether you need servers, data storage, workstations, power supplies, network switches and routers, we can supply, install, maintain and support the equipment and infrastructure you need. If you are starting a new venture or expanding or updating an existing business, ez‑pc has the solution for you.


With over 300,000 new security threats being released into the wild on a daily basis, now more than ever you need to ensure your protection is not only in place but up to date.

Whatever your computer support requirements, ez‑pc is here to help you. We can ensure your firewall is correctly configured, your anti-malware software is up to date and fit for purpose, you have an adequate backup procedure in place and that it is carried out.

Cloud Services

Modernise your infrastructure with cloud solutions to get results faster and simplify IT management. With maximum flexibility, a new server can be provisioned in minutes.


Most business need or thrive on having an internet presence. An effective website (such as the Panda Vinyl website) can help attract new customers and keep existing customers or contacts informed. We can help or give advice with designing, building, hosting and maintaining your website.


ez-pc can advise on, install and configure a wide range of cabling and networking solutions to meet most budgets. We use the latest copper and fibre optic data and voice cabling to ensure your network runs smoothly.


Do you have more than one office location and all offices need access to the same data? Maybe you or your staff often work whilst out on the road or from home. If so, we can configure VPN access which will allow mobile workers and remote offices to access the data and resources on your network.

Custom computer builds and upgrades

Modernise your infrastructure with cloud solutions to get results faster and simplify IT management. With maximum flexibility, a new server can be provisioned in minutes.


Networking covers a massive range of setups but one thing all computer networks have in common is that they all need to be secure and configured correctly. At ez‑pc, we have the expertise to carry out any networking task with little or no downtime.

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