Computer Support for home clients

ez-pc computer support isn’t just for businesses, we realise that home users also may need help every now and then.

We provide:

  • Software, programs and operating system help
    If you have a program that does not start or even if your computer will not start, it could just be a software or operating system fault. We can provide assistance with any software issue.
  • Help and advice on antivirus and malware
    If you need to install antimalware software or upgrade your internet security, we have the expertise to advise and assist you.
  • Computer repairs and upgrades
    Maybe your computer is running OK but is just slow. There can be a number of reasons for this but sometimes just adding extra memory or upgrading the hard drive to a faster solid state or NVME drive is all that is needed. We can carry out upgrades without data loss and your computer will be like never before and better than new.
  • Custom computer builds
    Of course we can custom build a computer entirely to meet your requirements. Whether it be a super gaming rig or maybe you need a workstation for your office that has bundles of storage and can keep up with running dozens of programs whilst carrying online meetings etc. Whatever you want, we can build it just for you.
  • Wi-fi and networking
    Do you have a room in your house that you can’t connect to the network or the network keeps disconnecting at various times? ez-pc can assess your network and advise you how to get super-fast network access wherever you want.
  • Hardware support
    Whilst computers are generally reliable, nowadays, nothing lasts forever and any electrical part can reach its end of life without notice. We can diagnose faults and replace failed parts to get your system back up and running quickly.
Desperate user

If you have computer problems and we cannot fix them, there will be no charge for the service.

If your computer will not start; your email doesn’t work or network will not connect; you want a clean install or upgrade of your operating system; you have a virus or malware on your system; you want to set up a reliable backup or you have any other computer issue, we can find a cost‑effective solution that suits your needs. Our technicians are Microsoft certified and all our work is guaranteed.

We cover a wide area and we can carry out home visits to save you the trouble of transporting your PC and we can also carry out remote support. It doesn’t matter what kind of help you need, you can  contact us for details of our computer support for home clients.