Computer maintenance

Your computer might well be working perfectly normally but you should take the time to occasionally perform some basic maintenance tasks to ensure it remains performing at its best. Windows maintenance is boring but important. There’s no need to obsess over it but neglecting it may well lead to problems later. Keeping your computer in good repair can save you time and money, so you will be glad you kept up with it.

Carry out maintenance tasks regularly

Most maintenance tasks are performed regularly on a schedule but it is considered good practice to manually check them occasionally to ensure they are being carried out as expected, no problems have arisen and there is nothing that requires your attention.

Here we show you how to carry out the routine maintenance tasks so you can keep your PC running in tip-top condition and save unnecessary service calls. Once you have carried this out a few times, you will see it only takes a few minutes and it becomes second nature.

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Update Windows

Ensuring your computer remains up-to-date is one of the most basic, but important Windows maintenance tasks. Windows 10 is great about updating itself, but you should still check in from time to time and make sure it’s not hung up on something.

Update antivirus software and scan for malicious software

Whilst most antivirus software updates itself automatically, you should open it and perform a scan every once in a while, so you can make sure there isn’t a problem that has been overlooked. You should check to ensure the definitions are up-to-date and should perform a manual scan.

Delete unnecessary files and programs

Over a period of time, your computer will become very cluttered with old junk such as temporary files; downloaded files you no longer need; general stuff in the recycle bin and programs you no longer use etc. This can’t be prevented, so it helps to occasionally clean up old data that you’re not actively using. Freeing up space can also improve your PC’s performance especially if you’re running low on space.

Check your backups

Hopefully you have backup software protecting your important documents, pictures, email etc. at the very least. Preferably you are protecting your entire PC with an offline or offsite backup. Nonetheless you should still routinely check to ensure your backup program is working correctly and it is protecting everything you need.