Secret hard drive tax to consider when buying a new PC

One of the largest personal computer vendors in the world sells a workstation PC that costs thousands and yet prominently features a component that by all accounts should not be present on the specification list. At least not as the operating system drive. That’s right, Dell is selling a PC (the Precision 7920 rack workstation) which comes with a venerable hard drive as the system drive. By using this, you can expect poor overall system performance. This amounts to a secret hard drive tax as you will have to pay considerably more to have an SSD as the main drive.

Dell sells a staggering 35 desktop PCs and workstation SKUs across its range that run off SATA-based hard disk drives. Rival HP stocks 19 models that run on spinning disks while the world’s largest PC manufacturer, Lenovo, comes third with 18.

ez-pc do not use this scandalous method of extracting more money from its customers, there is no secret hard drive tax as all PCs built by us come with either solid state drives or the much faster NVME drives as standard with spinning hard disks only being used as an optional extra for data storage if requested.