Networking If you have a single computer connected to the Internet using a router supplied by your ISP you don't really need to read on. If, however you have multiple subnets each connected using one or more network routers spanning several floors or even separate buildings or even cities you have a more complex network. Probably you have something in between these two extremes but the point is, networking covers a massive range of setups but they all need to be secure and configured correctly.


Simply put, a network is two or more computers connected together for the purpose of sharing a connection, exchanging files, allowing electronic communications or sharing resources. The most common resource shared today is a connection to the Internet but other shared resources can include a file server or a printer. The Internet itself is a network so by connecting your computer(s) to the Internet, you are in fact connecting to multiple networks.

At ez-pc we have the expertise to help configure and maintain your network correctly, we can install and configure network switches or routers; Wi-Fi access points or range extenders; DHCP and DNS servers; structured cabling etc.

If you need to extend or secure your network so that for example, the sales and engineering teams do not have access to payroll or guests using Wi-Fi do not have access to anything on your network or if you wish to set up VPNs so that people can work securely from home, we can do this for you.

All the devices and products we use are top quality brands and our work is guaranteed and carried out by Microsoft certified personnel so you can be sure that whatever your requirements, ez-pc has the solution to meet them.

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