Most business need or thrive on having an internet presence. An effective website can help attract new customers and keep existing customers or contacts informed.

With around 36 million Brits being online every day and 48% of people starting any sort of search for a product or service online, it's almost at a stage that you can't afford to not be online.

Lynsey Sweales CEO of SocialB, online marketing and social media business.

Nowadays, a great website is essential to successful businesses, it can reflect your business ethos and be your best sales tool. A bad website can damage reputation and sales. The first step in creating that great website is to have a clear idea of exactly what you want it to contain and how you want to create it. When designing a site, don't forget that more and more users are accessing websites on mobile phones and tablets so the site must be fully responsive, which means it must be just as functional and aesthetically pleasing on mobile phones and tablets as it is on desktop computers.

The content is your responsibility, after all, it is your business, who knows it better than you? but we can help or give advice with designing, building, hosting and maintaining your website from the ground up. Contact us for details.

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